Hildegard Auer

Stuttgart 1929 - Oberpfalz 2015

The autodidact Hildegard Auer was born in Stuttgart in 1929. She began her job life as shorthand typist for the Stuttgart city council in 1947. In 1951 she transferred to the engineering company Eisenmann in Böblingen. She was promoted to the post of the factory's managing director with some 500 employees in 1970. She made her first steps in art in 1962. Still without technical basics in painting, she initially tried out small watercolors. Towards the late 1960s she made her first oil paintings while she was still fully active in her job. She presented her artistic creations to the public for the first time on occasion of the annual exhibitions at the Eisenmann company. In the beginning she found balance from work life in painting, however, it soon became a passion. In 1977 she gave up her managing post and entirely gave herself over to art. The amount of her artworks is rather small, initially owed to a lack of time since she was still active in her job, the large format she preferred was a later reason. Another aspect of her art is that Hildegard Auer only painted things she had experienced and was moved so deeply that she had to render onto the canvas immediately. The artist worked without any sketches or preliminary drawings and developed her compositions right on the canvas. First exhibitions delivered proof of her success: Works by Hildegard were shown at, among others, the Städtische Kunsthalle in Recklinghausen (1971), the Galerie Ketterer in Munich (1979) and at the Museum of Contemporary Art,
Chicago (1983). What is particularly remarkable is her quick breakthrough on the American art market. For a long time Hildegard Auer lived and worked in Sindelfingen-Maichingen, before she moved into her new studio in old waterworks in the Upper Palatinate. Hildegard Auer died on 25 March, 2015.

Marc Chagall - La Femme en rouge
Marc Chagall
La Femme en rouge
399,600 $
Laura Owens - Untitled
Laura Owens
133,200 $
Karl Horst Hödicke - Ohne Titel (Stillleben)
Karl Horst Hödicke
Ohne Titel (Stillleben)
33,300 $
Vik Muniz - Liz (After Warhol)
Vik Muniz
Liz (After Warhol)
33,300 $
Stephan Balkenhol - Frau
Stephan Balkenhol
24,975 $
Francesco Clemente - Sky and Water
Francesco Clemente
Sky and Water
22,200 $
Robert Longo - Study for Black Swan
Robert Longo
Study for Black Swan
22,200 $
Markus Lüpertz - Bildnis G
Markus Lüpertz
Bildnis G
16,650 $

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